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Specializing in documentary-style photographs which tell the story of your day . . .

You’ll see from looking around my site that my approach to wedding photography is very natural and “hands off”. Whether you want to call it documentary wedding photography, reportage wedding photography or even wedding photojournalism, it all amounts to the same thing; I won’t stop any of the proceedings, set shots up, boss you around or ask anyone to pose for the camera. In short, you’ll barely know I’m there, which means you can enjoy the day fully knowing every precious moment is being captured.

Every photographer you speak to will have a different approach to how they photograph your day. And so you can get a better understanding of how I work, here’s mine:

I don’t intervene in the flow of the day, which means I won’t direct you, or any of your guests, or ask you to repeat anything. I won’t stand on the sidelines shooting with a long lens like uninvited paparazzi: I will be close to the action, keep my eyes and ears open and have my camera lifted ready for the punchline of a joke or an unexpected show of affection.

I won’t take your dress and hang it in a tree or put your engagement ring on the heel of your shoe: all the tiny details that you have worked so hard on will be photographed as they are found, and will build a strong narrative to the story of your day.

'My style of documentary wedding photography captures the little moments that happen in between the big ones.'

I won’t take you away from your guests for photographs in a hundred different locations: I will be there to photograph you enjoying the party with the people that mean the most to you. I believe that your memories from your day should be made with your family and friends, not with your photographer, and for this reason, I like to limit the time I steal you away for pictures of just the two of you to around 15 – 25 minutes, at a time when the light is the best. Depending on the weather and the time of year, this could be during your drinks reception or just before the dancing starts.

I don’t work to ‘must-have’ shot lists cut out from the back of a bridal mag, and I won’t take contrived, soulless pictures that look like someone else’s Pinterest board: my style of documentary wedding photography ensures I capture the atmosphere and the energy, the details and the emotion, the tears and the laughter and the hundred and one little stories which make your wedding uniquely yours.

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Hilary & Matthew

"We were delighted with the beautifully presented photos that Bernard took of our wedding day. He obviously has a good eye and took shots that our guests did not see."

Mary & Austin

"Thank you Bernard for creating a stylish, informal and beautiful visual record of our wedding day. You really went the extra mile to ensure that the day was captured exactly as we wanted it to be."

John & Amy

"We just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did at our wedding. We had a great day and the pictures capture it perfectly."

Stephen & Claire