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Ballet Dance Classes

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Dance classes for girls and boys of all ages and abilities

Dance is a great way to improve one’s posture, to keep fit, have fun and build self- confidence.

Children’s ballet classes is at the very heart of what we do at Malone Dance Academy. We have a range of classes for young girls and boys, ranging from beginners to more advanced classes and taking students right through the renowned BBO Dance grading system from Grade 1 to Grade 8. Very talented and committed students, or those aiming for a career in dance can progress beyond the grading structure to achieve the Advance 1 and Advanced 2 qualifications.

At Malone Dance Academy, every student gets individual attention and tuition, even within the context of a class group. We aim to promote our students physical, intellectual, creative and emotional well-being, as well as their dance ability.

We have a level for every student here and we aim to progress students gently but but to encourage effort. We monitor every student closely and never send any student to undertake a grading exam for which they are not ready. It’s a fine balance but we make a great effort to get it right.

BBO Exams

For many decades, the British Ballet Organisation (now re-branded as BBO) ballet exams have been the most prestigious qualifications in dance and the de-facto standard for leading dance schools. In recent decades the BBO now conducts exams in tap, musaical theatre, modern and jazz dance to the same rigorous standards.

At Malone Dance Academy , Dundalk, Co Louth we prepare our students for BBO dance examinations and assessments in several dance forms. Our students are also given the opportunity to take part in a variety of on-stage performances.

BBO is also the examining body for our qualifications in musical theatre. We follow a syllabus set out bt BBO and our students can get qualifications that are recognised by producers, directors and agents in many countries.

Adult Ballet Technique Class

Many of us who take ballet lessons know that it is a great way to keep fit.

In ballet, every inch of your muscles are actively engaged in movements. No wonder many ballet students find that they end up shedding some fat and having well-toned muscles after having started regular training.

Ballet is a wonderful activity to get you off your chair. While many people choose Yoga or Pilates these days to balance off the long hours of sitting and the lack of movement, some choose ballet for its high “fun factor”.

In ballet we get to move along with music and make beautiful patterns with our bodies. We use a lot of “brain power” to remember the steps and to coordinate the different body parts.

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