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Civil Ceremony

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you perform the legal aspect of our marriage ?

Yes as of mid Aug 2019 I will be on the register of HSE Solemnisers and as such I can legally marry you at your venue, provided your venue is compliant with Section 52 of the Civil Registrations Act 2004 which means that the Solemnisation takes place at an identifiable address which is open to the general public.

I can perform your ceremony any day of the week incl Bank Holidays.

Why should I choose a Celebrant ?

Having a celebrant-led wedding gives you the freedom to hold your ceremony wherever you like, and on any day of the week.
In addition to traditional wedding venues, I am happy to conduct your wedding in a picturesque forest or on a stunning site of natural beauty.
You may choose a completely non-religious wedding, or you may want to include a poem, prayer or hymn that has a special meaning for you.

You can include the traditional elements such as saying “I do!”, or you can write your very own wedding vows.
You can choose your own music and readings. You might want to have a handfasting, or another symbolic ritual included in the ceremony.

When you choose a Celebrant for your ceremony you open the door to world of possibilities that it limited only by your imagination.

Do you conduct Same-Sex Ceremonies ?

Absolutely Yes!
One Spirit Interfaith Ministers take a vow of inclusivity, So I am happy to perform all ceremonies regardless of gender, orientation, colour, nationality, culture or any other reason- within the bounds of Irish law.

If we have children, can we include them in our Ceremony ?

Of course, children bring their very own magic and wonder to events.
And there are many different way to include them… from bringing up the ribbons for Handfastings, or having their own colour of sand to pour in a Sand Ceremony, to delivering readings Just be careful they don’t upstage you!!!
They always steal the show !!

Are you a Humanist/Spiritualist ?

No, I am a One Spirit Interfaith Minister, which unlike Humanist or Spiritualist Celebrants, gives me the freedom to perform ceremonies for people of all faiths and/or none. I have no personal agenda when it comes to your ceremony.
It can be secular / spiritual /religious or semi religious. You choose the type of ceremony that is right for you, using whatever language, music and readings you like.

Please note that when the HSE registrar searches for my name on their data base I am listed under the heading of religious Solemniser, as opposed to secular.
This sometimes causes confusion for couples who want a secular/atheist/humanist ceremony.
Please know that this classification is due to HSE administration and has absolutely no bearing on the content of your ceremony.

How is our booking confirmed ?

Once we have established that I’m available on your date, your booking is confirmed on receipt of a booking deposit.
The balance will be payable in advance of your ceremony, either via PayPal, credit/debit card or bank transfer.

How do we Register our marriage ?

In Ireland, all couples must visit a HSE Registrar to register their Intent to Marry, NO LESS THAN THREE MONTHS prior to their intended wedding date.

At this meeting, you will be asked for the names and details of both spouses, both witnesses (over 18 years), your chosen Solemniser, your venue and your intended date.

You will then be given your Marriage Registration Form (MRF) usually in a green folder, which you will bring with you on your wedding day.

I will request this in advance of the ceremony in order to check and confirm that all details are correct.
During the ceremony it will be signed by myself, both spouses and both witnesses, and it is your responsibility to return it to the HSE Registrar’s office within 30 days of your ceremony.
Further details are available from the HSE website.

How long will the ceremony last ?

Most ceremonies usually last 25-35 minutes, depending on your choice of readings, music, ceremony enhancements, photographs etc.
I never book more than one wedding per day so there is no need to panic if the ceremony runs over.

What is a Commitment Ceremony ?

A Commitment Ceremony is very much like a wedding ceremony but it has no legal standing, it is symbolic.
Sometimes for example, a couple will be legally married abroad but want to have a ceremony at home with family and friends.
Or if the couple are going through a lengthy or difficult divorce, they want to make a commitment to their new partner.

Do you travel ?

Yes, I am happy to travel. If a ceremony is within Louth, then mileage etc. is included in my fee, however, If not there may be a charge for mileage, travel time etc.

What happens if we book you and then something happens and you cannot conduct our ceremony ?

Thankfully this has never happened, but if it should, you would be offered a replacement Celebrant.
As a member of One Spirit Interfaith Ireland, I have a number of Celebrant colleagues throughout Ireland who I can rely on should I be unable to conduct your Ceremony for any reason.
Or if you prefer, a full refund so that you could choose another Celebrant.

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